Jesse Williams Prepares For Fatherhood With Adorable Elmo Video on Sesame Street (VIDEO)
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Jesse Williams Prepares For Fatherhood With Adorable Elmo Video on Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Jesse Williams and his wife are expecting their first baby together, and the Grey’s Anatomy actor is already preparing in the most adorable way: with a guest spot on Sesame Street!

On the October 17 episode, Jesse explains the word “furious” with Elmo, co-starring in a video about being “very, very angry.” However, he’s not the angry one — think the opposite of Jackson confronting April — but instead he’s listening to his friend Felix the Fly exemplify anger.

When Elmo explains that he doesn’t often get angry, Jesse admits, “I don’t get furious very often, either.” Then, as if on cue, Felix flies in and gets in a tizzy about when people just call him a fly, don’t say goodbye, and much more.

“Felix is one furious fly!” Jesse exclaims (and we all swoon over his alliteration). And behind the scenes, things were equally as exciting for Jesse, who is a longtime Sesame Street fan.

”I was excited because Elmo is a slick character,” Jesse tells Entertainment Weekly of his guest spot. “A lot of smart, under-the-breath humor. Very witty, very fast, which is an ideal scene partner. So I was excited, and I knew that it would be fun and that it would be spontaneous and we’d get to riff a bit and improv a little bit.”

So, yes, he is replacing his Grey’s redhead April with Elmo — but just for the day. He doesn’t think of the little guy as a puppet, though. “I think about Elmo as a person,” he adds. “Once the camera’s rolling, it’s Elmo, and Elmo’s riffing. He’s alive, we’re both ad-libbing and making it work.”

We think it turned out amazing. Check out the video for yourself to see them in action, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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