Is Jessica Simpson Helping Kim Kardashian Lose Her Baby Weight?
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Is Jessica Simpson Helping Kim Kardashian Lose Her Baby Weight?

Hard-hitting stories about Kim Kardashian’s post-baby body (Will she lose the weight? When will she lose the weight?!) are making headlines everywhere these days, but there’s one that has us scratching our heads more than any other. According to The National Enquirer  Kim turned to a very surprising source for help dealing with her pregnancy weight: pop star Jessica Simpson!

Huh? Sure, Jessica just gave birth to her second child, son Ace, two weeks before Kim and Kanye West welcomed daughter North, but we see no reason these two would have crossed paths. But apparently, Kim reached out long before these babies were born.

“Kim reached out to Jessica toward the end of her first trimester, just as the weight was exploding,” a source told the supermarket rag, “Kim sympathized with Jess over all the nasty comments about how huge she got when she was pregnant with Maxie, and Kim thought Jess could help her avoid the same pitfalls.”

Now these celebs are,  “bonding over their new babies and post-pregnancy paunches.”

Yes, paunch-bonding. All the celebrity rage. But there’s more! These two are reportedly so tight that they talk multiple times a day, and get together at each other’s houses, “sharing their tales of woe about their bodily aches and pains, hormonal surges and about how their men were adapting.”

First of all, Kim  has a great pregnancy weight loss mentor in big sister Kourtney, who worked her butt off to drop the pounds after each of her kids was born. So, we’re not sure why she’d reach out to Jessica. Second of all, Kim and Jessica Simpson are hanging out like all the time and not one photog snapped a picture? ‘Cause what paparazzo would want a picture of two famous pregnant ladies?

Yeah, right.

Source: The National Enquirer via GossipCop