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Did Jessica Simpson Get Married Yet? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

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Was Bradley Cooper in a Law & Order Episode?

Did Jessica Simpson Get Married Yet? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Yes, Bradley Cooper, like many celebrities, put in some time on the Law & Order set before making it big! Back in 2005, Brad starred in not one, but two episodes across two franchises in a crossover arc. Not only that, he guest starred alongside Angela Lansbury, the boss old lady from Murder She Wrote. Great guest star gig, or best guest star gig?

The episodes "Night" and "Day," part of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Trial By Jury, respectively, follow those police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders (DUN DUN) as they attempt to put a wealthy, serial rapist behind bars. But they have to deal with the wiles of the suspect's family — and their aggressive defense attorney, played by Brad. It's certainly a far cry from The Hangover, but in terms of working the system, maybe it's not that far off from American Hustle?

Is Mad Men Over?

Did Jessica Simpson Get Married Yet? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Mad Men is kind of over, in that we definitely know when the series is ending. New episodes, however, are not even close to over. The show's final season premieres Sunday, April 13 — but Season 7 is getting split up into two parts, Breaking Bad style, stretching out the big send-off over the course of a year. The second half of the season — and the big series finale — will air in Spring 2015.

Did Jessica Simpson Get Married Yet?

Did Jessica Simpson Get Married Yet? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Like many fans, we're eagerly awaiting Jessica Simpson's long-delayed big day! Which means that no, she's not married yet — but hopefully, she will be soon.

Jessica and her hubby-to-be, former NFL player Eric Johnson, have had their wedding plans uprooted a few times since their November 2010 engagement — first by her unexpected pregnancy with the pair's daughter, Maxwell, who was born in May 2012, and again by her second pregnancy with son Ace in June 2013. "[Eric] keeps knocking me up," Jessica joked to Jay Leno during her second pregnancy.

Now, it looks like their wedding plans are going to be delayed yet again — but this time the pressure comes from not the couple's kids, but Jessica's parents, according to a report published today by In Touch. This is all hearsay, but the magazine's source tells them that Jessica asked her father (and former dadager) Joe to officiate — and Jessica's mom Tina, according to the source, is less than thrilled. Tina and Joe divorced just last year after 34 years of marriage, so the wounds are probably still fresh. Bummer!

Regardless of delays, Jessica and Eric seem eager to tie the knot. "We don't have an actual date but we do know that we want it to be this year," Jessica told Good Morning America back in January. "We need to get married."

It sounds like they're really buckling down, too — Us Weekly's source dishes that the pair just switched up their plans, changing up from their planned sentimental destination wedding in Capri to an easier Los Angeles locale. Assuming this duo's super-fertility doesn't strike again, we think it's actually, really happening, although at this rate, Jessica's little sister Ashlee may beat her to the punch.

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