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Jessica Simpson: “I Would Absolutely Not Do Reality TV Again” (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson has found her happy place. The 33-year-old is planning a wedding, expanding her retail empire, and raising her two adorable kidlets. Not that she ever hoped for so much good fortune!

Talking with Lance Bass in the greatest union of '90s pop stars we’ve seen this week, Jess talked all things Jess in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. One of her next big projects: new music!

“I’m just setting up the sound in my studio right now,” she explains, getting an appreciative “I like that” from fellow musician Lance. “Well, my kids are there!” Jessica offers by way of explanation. “And they inspire me! They’ll bring the music out of me.”

Don’t expect an album of children’s songs out of Jessica though. She says her voice is “too loud” for nursery rhymes and that she even startles her own children when singing to them.

Any chance we might get to see those two cuties on say a new Jessica Simpson-fronted reality TV show? You know, something like Newlyweds, Again.

“I would absolutely not do reality TV again,” she says, quickly adding that she feels “blessed” to have had the MTV series Newlyweds with ex-husband Nick Lachey. Hear her reasoning in the video above.

Are you excited for new Jessica Simpson music? Think she might make a return to reality TV yet? Tell us in the comments below.