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Ditch the DVR

Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Cost Just As Much As Anyone’s — Plus a Few Extra Zeroes (VIDEO)

No one knows how to spend money faster than a celebrity, but Jessica Simpson make have taken the (wedding) cake, after spending an estimated $1.4 million for her recent nuptials to Eric Johnson — doling out all the dough for a memory that will probably be one big blur anyway!

That's one of the many pop culture topics we're obsessing over in today's installment of Ditch the DVR.

So what had Jess's wedding price tag skyrocketing to such great heights? For one, Jess and Eric invited 275 guests, perhaps not wanting to take a red pen to their list of friend and family. Food alone costed the newlyweds $300,000, twice the already-luxe price of the ritzy locale, which was $150,000. The dresses came in at $30,000. But the real culprit was the jewelry, which set 'em back a cool $750,000.

Their only saving grace is that the new husband and wife sold their wedding photos to People for a reported $300,000.

You think they have another $1.4 mil lying around for our next wedding? Help a brotha and sista out!

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