Jessie James Shows Off Amazing Post-Pregnancy Abs! (PHOTO)
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Jessie James Shows Off Amazing Post-Pregnancy Abs! (PHOTO)

Today is a big day for Jessie James Decker: She fits back into her pre-pregnancy jeans! The new mom, who welcomed baby girl Vivianne Rose with husband Eric Decker in mid-March, looks better than ever in her celebratory Instagram post.

Jessie James Shows Off Amazing Post-Pregnancy Abs! (PHOTO)
Credit: Jessie James Decker on Instagram    

Taking my sweet time but man do I feel proud today!” she captioned the photo of herself flaunting some sick abs above her nicely fitting jeans. “I actually fit into my size 25 Frankie b jeans! Now trust me this is a good angle I took the pic in! Ha.”

Jessie’s secret? Might want to cover your ears, Kim Kardashian, but this hot mama says all it took was a little light exercising and cutting back on dessert.

All I have been doing is watching the sweets and 20 min of cardio everyday!!” she wrote, explaining the craziest part is she currently weighs 13 pounds more than before she got pregnant and yet look! Sure those jeans aren’t part of a sisterhood of traveling pants, Jessie?

All joking aside, the E! star looks fabulous and has some great advice for all moms out there, whether or not they have their own TV shows. “It’s been almost 5 months since I [had] my baby girl. It took me 9 to gain 55 lbs!! Don't stress over it! You can do it and at your own pace! There was no way I was going to drop all the weight at once nor should it be a focus. The focus is on being healthy and feeling good!”

Cheers to that!

Source: Jessie James Decker on Instagram

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