Jessie Sulidis Got Married This Weekend! — Could It Be Televised? Exclusive
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Jessie Sulidis Got Married This Weekend! — Could It Be Televised? Exclusive

This weekend was a time for major celebration for Bachelor Nation, as the beautiful Jessie Sulidis married pro hockey player Jordan Henry on Sunday, December 22. We got the chance to chat with Jessie about the big day, and she couldn’t have been more elated for the occasion.

“We’re just so excited!” Jessie told Wetpaint Entertainment on the eve-eve of her happy day. “Jordan’s family and friends flew in today, so it’s going to be a wild fun weekend.” We have no doubt it was.

While we wish we could have been there, it seems we might get a chance. “We are filming a pilot as well all weekend for a potential show,” Jessie teased. When can we see it? What will be involved? Where will it be shown? We’re not sure, though Jessie has been hinting for months that she might be working on something for the small screen.

The pair got engaged on the weekend of May 18, when the two Canadians flew to Jamaica for a romantic getaway. “He pulled out a poem he wrote. And we like to read letters to each other. So, I was reading it and then I looked over and he got down on his knee and recited the last two paragraphs from memory. And then he said, ‘Jessie now in perfect harmony, will you marry me?’” she told us back in May. Of course she said yes, and they planned a wedding date of August 2, 2014.

Unfortunately Jessie’s world turned upside down in October, when her mother, who had been ill for some time, was in declining health. Jessie and Jordan moved the wedding date up so that her mother, Kim, would be part of the day. Tragically, Kim passed away in late November.

It is surely a bittersweet time for Jessie, who has been remembering her mother as she prepared for her wedding. She recently posted a picture of her mom in a beautiful dress on her Instagram account. “RIP mom! This is the dress she would have worn to my wedding :( you looked stunning in it and would never know you were 6 weeks into chemo!” she captioned this touching photo of her mother. “Am going to miss you! Love you #ripkimbo.”

Considering everything going on in her life, it’s amazing that Jessie has been able to cope with all of the stresses of the wedding with such grace during such sadness. We wish Jessie and Jordan a perfect wedding weekend.