Jessie Sulidis: “Time to Start Eating For 3” — Is She Expecting Twins?
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Jessie Sulidis: “Time to Start Eating For 3” — Is She Expecting Twins?

Gorgeous Bachelor and Bachelor Pad alum Jessie Sulidis recently got engaged to boyfriend of a year, Jordan Henry, and she couldn’t be happier. Between checking out wedding venues, looking at houses, and otherwise settling into life with her pro hockey player boyfriend, it sounds like she’s definitely got her eye on their future. So, when she tweeted on June 14 about “eating for 3,” we quickly wondered if that future might involve twins?

Honestly, few women wear a bikini like the slim ‘n stunning Jessie S. So you can understand how the idea of the petite TV host / cosmetics company director / makeup artist gaining the weight involved in raising twins was a hilarious and darling image.

But it sounds like she’s more worried about the stress of planning a wedding than about jumpstarting a big fam. In fact, it’s the reason for the tweet, after all. “Looking to drop weight without trying fast? Start planning a wedding haha! Oh boy. Time to start eating for 3” she writes.

Ohhhh now it all makes sense. Engagement = bliss, marriage = delight, planning wedding = the worst stress ever. Noted. We’re sure that whatever Jessie and Jordan decide on for their wedding, it will be gorgeous — just like the enviable couple. And hey, if they wanna pop out a couple kids soon, that wouldn’t be so bad either...

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