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Jill Duggar’s Already Pregnant! She Got Married in Late June (VIDEO)

Now we understand why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were so strict about their daughter not getting any alone time with her beau. Just three months after Jill Duggar tied the knot with Derick Dillard (and had her very first kiss), the couple are expecting a baby!

Three months, you’re thinking, that’s not all that novel. Let us put it to you this way, friend: Jill’s due in March, which means she and Derick conceived back in June, aka the same month they got married. Kids, let this be a lesson: It only takes one time.

Jill and Derick shared their happy news in true Duggar fashion: with a People magazine cover story. “We’re having a baby!” the 23-year-old Duggar daughter tells the outlet. “We are so excited.”

She and her 25-year-old husband filled in their family with their baby news just 30 days after they got married. “They gathered everyone in the living room and shared the news,” daddy Jim Bob tells People. “Everyone was clapping and cheering, and we were in shock too.”

Jill only knew she was expecting after she visited home and, with the encouragement of her sisters, took one of Michelle’s pregnancy tests, which we can only imagine she stocks up on in Costco-sized allotments. “It was surreal,” Derick says of his wife’s positive test result. “We were shocked. Both of us are so excited.”

Hear what else the couple has to say about their unexpected surprise by watching their interview with People in the video above. Then share your well-wishes in the comments!