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See 23-Year-Old Jill Duggar Get Her First Kiss — She Waited Until Marriage! (VIDEO)

With their 19 kids and counting, the Duggars might seem like they know their fair share about the birds and the bees, but when it comes to those 19, the rules for courtship are surprisingly strict!

The latest J-named kid to walk down the aisle is 23-year-old Jill Michelle. The fourth eldest in the reality TV family, Jill waited until marriage to do, well, basically everything.

During their 5-month (yes, 5-month) courtship, Jill and beau Derick Dillard were constantly chaperoned to make sure nothing untoward happened. Well, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, consider your mission accomplished! If photos of Jill and Derick’s first kiss tell us anything, it’s that they’re new to the whole kissing thing!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. We just can’t imagine having your first kiss with that special someone also be your first kiss as a married couple. That means locking lips as your family and friends look on, eagerly awaiting the magical moment. Talk about pressure!

You can learn more about the strict courtship rules that led up to Jill and Derick’s Arkansas wedding in the video above. As for that swoon-worthy photo of the two K-I-S-S-I-N-G we mentioned earlier, it might look like an audition for that other TLC staple, Virgin Diaries, but don’t you worry. This is 100 percent Duggar mania.