American Idol’s Jill Jensen Heads Home — What About Boyfriend Alex Preston?
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American Idol’s Jill Jensen Heads Home — What About Boyfriend Alex Preston?

Un-oh American Idol fans! It looks like trouble in paradise for our new favorite Idol couple, Jill Jensen and Alex Preston.

We just learned about this newly bloomed Season 13 romance last week and, no lie, have totally oohed and awed our way through. Like that one where Jill gushes about how cute her Harry Potter-loving boyfriend is? Too cute!

Sadly, however, these two young lovers may have just hit a major speedbump on the road to romance. Instagram tells us Jill’s headed back home to Massachusetts, aka the other side of the country from her currently Los Angeles-based Alex. He, of course, is still competing on Idol, while Jillian was eliminated from the show during Rush Week and is now starting the latest leg of her journey to stardom.

We gleaned the upsetting news of Jill’s departure from — where else? — social media. “‘See your face in my mind as I drive away...’ Ugh my heart aches already,” she tweeted March 4. Then she and Alex trade sweet song lyrics back and forth.

“‘Ive never felt this way before, & Ive been around for a while now. Take my hand, just walk with me, it seems loving has gone outta style now,’” wrote Alex, with Jillian adding, “& I see the truth inside your heart. No longer scared.. To open up my eyes and let love start.’”

Her hashtags #NewAlbum2014 and #LetLoveStart clue us in that beyond a sweet moment between these two, we may have just been let in on a little preview of Jill’s upcoming music. So now we’re excited but also sad and also happy and kinda crying. Too many emotions!

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