Jill Zarin Rejects Bethenny Frankel and Her “Fake” Talk Show
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Jill Zarin Rejects Bethenny Frankel and Her “Fake” Talk Show

With rumblings of ratings trouble for Bethenny Frankel's daytime talk show, Bethenny, the 42-year-old seems to be willing to do anything to attract viewers… even (reportedly) offering to chat with Jill Zarin and Alex McCord, two of her former friends and Real Housewives of New York co-stars.

Jill tells Life & Style that she refused the offer immediately: "I flat out said no when they asked me to go on her show … Does she think I'm just going to show up and she's going to come out and do her fake show and then run away?"

And, she adds, Bethenny didn't reach out personally, which added insult to injury.

"She couldn't pick up the phone and call me herself. I was shocked. She should've called … I was hurt that she didn't call me because I did email and congratulate her on the show, so it wasn't like we hadn't spoken."

She tells the magazine that she feels she deserves an "honest and real conversation" and that Bethenny wanted ratings instead of resolution .

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Alex says that she too refused to join the show, claiming that she was offered a "laughable" amount to sit on Bethenny's couch.

Should Jill and Alex just sit down with Bethenny? Or are they right to feel slighted? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Life & Style

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