Jill Zarin Considers Ramona Singer a “Frenemy,” Not a Friend
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Jill Zarin Considers Ramona Singer a “Frenemy,” Not a Friend

When former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin started making negative statements to the press following the news of Ramona Singer’s separation from husband Mario, we were surprised. Though Ramona and Jill had their ups and downs on the reality show, we always considered them to be friends deep down. But according to a new revelation by the Upper East Side yenta, she never actually considered Ramona a real friend at all.

Jill appeared on the OWN series Where Are They Now? last Friday, where she talked about her post Housewives life, and her current relationships with the ladies. That’s where she spilled that contrary to the way it was portrayed on the Bravo show, she and Ramona were always more “frenemies” than true friends.

"I was never friends with her," Jill revealed. "We were frenemies. We are the definition of frenemies. We have to see each other at events because we have mutual friends. We used to try to even be friendly but we really don't like each other."

It all makes so much sense now. After Ramona filed from divorce from Mario after 22 years of marriage late last month, Jill told media outlets that her former RHoNY co-star had “looked the other way when people told her [Mario] was cheating." Not something a true friend does when their pal is going through a difficult personal time… but apparently that’s not their relationship.

The First Lady of Zarin Fabrics has remained close with fellow Housewife alum LuAnn de Lesseps, who she says she just saw for the Super Bowl. More surprising? Ramona’s right hand gal, Sonja Morgan, who Jill says she stays in touch with occasionally: “Sonja sent me an email wishing me good luck on tonight's show...and Jacqueline Laurita. Bravo gave me friends now in all cities."

Whether Jill considers Ramona a friend or an enemy, hopefully she will respect her family’s privacy moving forward, if only for the sake of Avery, 19. It’s tough to watch your parents split up, regardless of the cause… and this one’s a bit of a toughie.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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