Jill Zarin to Reveal the Real Reason She Was Fired From Real Housewives of New York!
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Real Housewives of New York

Jill Zarin to Reveal the Real Reason She Was Fired From Real Housewives of New York!

Now that we’re inching closer to the March 11th premiere of Real Housewives of New York, we’ve been getting particularly nostalgic for the old days. Not that we aren’t excited to see what the wild new season will bring — can we talk about that stranded leg? — but there was nothing like Ramona Singer’s turtle times and the friendship between Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin.

It would seem that the now-departed Jill is also longing a bit for the way things were. While the RHoNY alum left us after season four, she’s been pretty vocal in the press about her displeasure over with the way Bravo execs treated her before she was let go. For instance, if you caught her tete-a-tete with Andy Cohen on a special Watch What Happens Live last year, you probably remember her theories that former pal Bethenny was favored by producers.

Well, it would appear that the self-professed Upper East Side yenta has found herself an even bigger audience in the form of OWN’s Oprah: Where Are They Now? Jill has teased that when she appears on the show in tonight’s February 7 episode, she will reveal the real reason she was given the axe from the reality hit. Hmm, wonder what Andy will have to say about this…

The synopsis also hints that Jill will go into detail about her current relationships with (now talk show host) Bethenny, and current RHoNY star (and mid-divorce) Ramona Singer. The special was likely taped prior to news breaking about Ramona and Mario’s separation, but it will be interesting to see if their relationship comes up at all.

“I said things I shouldn’t have that I have regrets about,” Jill admits in a preview of the ep. “Now, it wouldn’t have been as good of a show, let’s be honest. But there’s no question that there are things that I said that I’m sorry I said.”

Oprah: Where Are They Now? with Jill Zarin airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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