Jillian Harris Shares a Shockingly Real Post-Birth Pic (PHOTO)
Jillian Harris gives birth
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Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris Shares a Shockingly Real Post-Birth Pic (PHOTO)


Jillian Harris might be the realest, most relatable Bachelorette in franchise history.

You probably already knew that, but her latest blog about son Leo’s August 5 birth just really made that an undeniable fact.

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In the post, titled “Leo’s Birth Story,” the 36-year-old opens up about all of the surprises and highs and lows from the day she and longtime boyfriend Justin Pasutto welcomed their first child. But the real standout is one of the postpartum photos she includes with the story.

Jillian Harris gives birth
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Unlike some new moms who wouldn’t allow a camera within 10 feet of them moments after giving birth — totally understandable — Jillian had a photographer there, capturing her in just her hospital panties, while Justin cradles their newborn son.

Though we don’t know exactly how soon after Leo’s arrival this shot was taken, it’s remarkable how mobile and energized the new mom seems — especially considering she gave birth three weeks early!

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As the Bachelorette Season 5 star writes, she started feeling like her water had broken in a "slow, slow leak” in the days before she went into labor.

When they arrived at the hospital, she learned she was 3 centimeters dilated, but her water hadn’t broken. She then was treated by a doctor she’d never met, as she had been splitting her time between Vancouver and Kelowna.

And the surprises kept coming. Though she felt great after the epidural, her little one had some obstacles to overcome before meeting his parents.

The HGTV co-host explains the umbilical cord was “wrapped around our little babe twice,” and during her contractions, the baby's heart rate was “plummeting.”

She thought she was going to have to have a C-section, but “just as they were going to take me into the OR, they checked my cervix and I was 10 CENTIMETRES!”

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Luckily, after the scary and stressful day, Baby Pasutto arrived happy and healthy — and adorable.

“He was beautiful,” she gushes, "and life was beautiful.”