Would Jillian Harris Ever Go on Bachelor Pad? You Might Be Surprised!
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Would Jillian Harris Ever Go on Bachelor Pad? You Might Be Surprised!

If the Bachelor Pad mansion ever needs a design makeover, they know to call former Bachelorette Jillian Harris. But what if they just want her to class and sass the joint up for a summer of monetized shenanigans?

We don’t even know if Bachelor Pad 4 will definitely happen, but if it does… it still probably won’t include Jilly. Our favorite design star is lookin’ so crazy in love with her boyfriend, Justin Pasutto, and that’s pretty much why she’d turn down BP4, should it be ready and willing to invite her in. Here’s what she told the Phoenix New Times blog when they asked if she’d ever do Bachelor Pad.

“Uh, not now, because I'm with Justin and I think we have a very mature, loving relationship and I don't think that show is good for that,” Jillian explains delicately. “But in the past when I was still single, before I met Justin, I considered it. Like, I thought it would be fun and I watched my friends do it. You know, you always think, ‘Oh it would be so bad for my career.’ But people still love you. People get over it. I personally love the show Bachelor Pad almost better than The Bachelor now, and they haven't done a season in a while. But no, now that I'm in a relationship I think that's probably out of the cards for me.”

Would Jillian Harris Ever Go on Bachelor Pad? You Might Be Surprised!
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BP is such a fast-paced trainwreck, it is almost better than The Bachelor now. (Is that blasphemy? We don’t care.) But she’s right about BP not being great for relationships, as several young stars- and starlets-in-training have learned.

But in June 2012, when Jillian's Bachelorette ex-fiancé Ed Swiderski was on BP3, Jilly blogged that they almost competed on Bachelor Pad together. "As a matter of fact, Ed and I discussed going on the show together a while back — but I was just too nervous about getting hurt again,” Jillian wrote at the time. “Turned out that the show's schedule didn't work with my NEW show schedule anyway [with theLove It or List It team] — so I didn't have to make the tough call. Oh my God — how funny would that have been if Ed and I came back on the show as a team!?!? (not a couple though!!!)"

Actually, they could win that way. Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst went on BP2 as a formerly engaged couple and ended up winning as just friends. Granted, that was a super-awkward finale that broke Stag’s heart, but it all ended well eventually! (Read: money > problems.) Think about it for BP4, Jilly: Ed is a veteran now, he could show you the ropes. And we know Jillian and Ed are still supporting each other, so… just never say never!

Source: Phoenix New Times