Jillian Harris on Bryden Vukasin’s Timing and Brooks Forester’s Hair
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Jillian Harris on Bryden Vukasin’s Timing and Brooks Forester’s Hair

It’s rare that the cameras turn off, and only then do we really get to know The Bachelorette, but in Jillian Harris’s case, that’s exactly what happened. The Season 5 Bachelorette came out of her season with the last laugh — a television career, booming business as an interior designer, and a hot boyfriend to boot. So who better to lend an eye to Desiree Hartsock’s brood of boys during Season 9?

Each week, Jillian writes a blog about Des and her dudes in which she shares her super insights on some of the standout moments of the episode. In her latest blog, about the Munich date in Episode 5, she touches on some similarities between her season and Desiree’s — and manages to sidestep the Ben Scott issue entirely! Check out her thoughts on Bryden Vukasin’s exit:

These boys were acting like girls tonight! I had to laugh a bit when Bryden left. I mean, I know she was upset, and yes, he had AWFUL timing, but honestly, he did her a favor. I know for certain there were guys on my season that just “weren’t feeling it,” and I wish they had done the same.

...and Brooks Forester’s hair!

Brooks is rubbing me a little the wrong way with his out-of-control hair.

Time for a haircut, Brooksy? We think so...

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Do you agree that Desiree’s guys have a bit to be desired this season? Weigh in below!

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