Jillian Harris Shares Advice for Making an Entrance: Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris Shares Advice for Making an Entrance: Exclusive

Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris knows plenty about making a big entrance — whether from a limo or just into a room. Since she is just a few days away from launching new antique magic websiteCharlie Ford Vintage with cousin Tori and friend Alyssa on July 8, she’s getting ready to make another entrance herself. And since Jilly knows well that we at Wetpaint can’t stand waiting, she is obliging us with previews of the site in anticipation of the big launch.

Since The Bachelorette, the professional interior designer has showed off her impeccable taste on Love It or List It Vancouver, as well as on her personal site and in a billion Instagram pics we’ve collaged into dreamscapes for ourselves. Every time we see a room or party she’s designed, we’re dying to make it our own. But considering our idea of unique antiques (say that ten times fast) involves digging out our old dorm room coffee table, we need Jilly’s help. And she’s cool with that.

Jillian Harris Shares Advice for Making an Entrance: Exclusive
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Wetpaint Entertainment: You have a new love in your life antiques. Tell us about your affair with vintage.
Jillian Harris: I've always loved antiques — they've been a part of my life since I can remember! Beautiful vintage treasures with a history bring such a sense of atmosphere to any room, and I love incorporating them into modern spaces.

How did that translate into a business?
As my design career grew, people began to recognize this and often asked me things like, 'Where did you find that amazing vintage suitcase?' or 'How can I locate a gorgeous antique clock?' I didn't have anywhere to direct them, and that was really the beginning of Charlie Ford Vintage: I wanted to be able to provide people with a shopping outpost that makes sourcing vintage and antique items effortless.

So, how does Charlie Ford show off your style?
When you visit CharlieFord.com on launch day, which is so soon — Monday July 8, to be precise! — you'll see that we not only have a huge selection of antique home decor, but that we're also hosting our very first weekly theme sale.

Jillian Harris Shares Advice for Making an Entrance: Exclusive
Credit: Charlie Ford Vintage    

We like all those words. But what is a “theme sale” exactly?
Each week, we pick a theme, and the first one is focused on the entryway — which seems fitting, since it’s our introduction to vintage lovers, and we’re opening the door to a brand-new adventure with Charlie Ford.

There's no better place to start decking out your home than right at the entrance. One of my favorite pieces to decorate a home is a vintage door knocker — in fact, our CFV logo was inspired by one I bought my cousin (and CFV co-founder) Tori a few years back. The theme sale also features beautiful mailboxes, umbrella stands, benches, planters, letter holders, mirrors — there's something to make an entrance in every home!

It seems like the perfect introduction to what we’re thinking will be a rather addictive new passion for us... Check back later this week for more exclusive Charlie Ford secrets from Jillian.

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