Jillian Harris: Chris Harrison, Sean Lowe, You Need to Stop Bullying Juan Pablo
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Jillian Harris: Chris Harrison, Sean Lowe, You Need to Stop Bullying Juan Pablo

Look, you guys? Shut down your Twitter app, set down your phone, and slowly back away from your computers (after you read this, of course). Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris wants to talk to you about how you’re treating Juan Pablo Galavis, and she’d like you to take a minute, just sit right there, and settle in for this one.

On Monday night’s Season 18 finale and “After the Final Rose” trainwreck, Chris Harrison real talked Juan Pablo to the max. But while we were like “ah snap” and honestly felt like King Chris was doing the Lord’s work in lampooning the wayward Bachelor during the after-show special, Jillian says what Chris was actually doing was bullying. And so are you, by ganging up on JPG.

Following up on what she told Wetpaint a week ago, Jilly posted on her blog, clarifying that she doesn’t think Juan Pablo’s a bad guy, and then laid out her reasoning. “Juan Pablo walks to the beat of his own drum, and does seem stubborn, but the show has the ability to also portray people the way they want to. I think there is a reason why Juan Pablo had his back against the wall and that's probably because they decided to portray him a certain way, and edit their footage accordingly,” Jilly writes.

But while that may fall on producers and editors beside the Bachelor host, Chris wasn’t left out of the mix. “I was taken aback and upset with the show, Chris Harrison, and all the thousands of people who said endless negative things and bullied Nikki and Juan Pablo on social media,” she wrote.

Her main issue with Chris? Well, after acknowledging that she “couldn’t have imagined doing the whole process without him by my side,” she was “disappointed” and “felt awkward the whole time he interviewed Juan Pablo and didn't understand the strong and relentless emphasis on getting Juan Pablo to say that he was in love!”

True, Chris kept asking why Juan Pablo didn’t want to express his feelings to Nikki, who had told him four months prior that she was in love with him. Jillian points out that while we were calling out Juan Pablo for not saying “I love you,” the hatred thrown out at him on social media seemed in direct opposition to being a cheerleader for amor.

Even Sean Lowe didn’t escape Jillian’s head shaking, since the Season 17 Bachelor told Juan Pabs that part of being the Bachelor meant “having no choice other than being in the public eye.” Jilly disagrees, saying that Sean and Catherine Giudici choose to live that way, but Jason and Molly Mesnick have done just fine living a normal post-show life.

In case you’re wondering what other words of wisdom Jillian had to pass on — and you should be, because she says it all really passionately and articulately (See Juan Pablo, it can be done. Sorry, we had to.) — you can head to JillianHarris.com and read all about it.

What do you think about Jillian’s remarks? Do you agree that bullies need to calm down and back off, or do you think a season spent watching Juan Pablo say idiot things calls for a little side-eyeing? Weigh in below!

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