Jillian Harris “Disappointed” in Ex Jesse Kovacs’s Behavior on Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise

Jillian Harris “Disappointed” in Ex Jesse Kovacs’s Behavior on Bachelor in Paradise

The sixth installment of Bachelor in Paradise served us up a plateful of new hotties, a helping of more crazy, and a surprising side dish of grrrrrl power, the latter of which was a bit surprising as the show’s been more cat fights than sistah solidarity up to now. That was until Michelle Money led Lacy Faddoul and Christy Hansen in a verbal tongue-lashing of Jesse Kovacs, the guy who got handsy with both gal pals Christy and Lucy Aragon and then told everyone. To add insult to injury, he then referred to Christy as a “dumb blond.”

The Bachelorette Season 5’s Jillian Harris applauded the ladies’ “oh no you di-int!” efforts, and scolded Jesse in her blog this week. Jilly writes to Michelle “Thank you for standing up for girls all around the world tonight and convincing Christy to tell Jesse off.”

Then the Canadian turned her attention to Jesse, writing “Since my season, I have no hard feelings with Jesse, but I was disappointed with his behavior last night. Can you believe what he said in the car ride home?!?!? I was shocked!!! He has proven how little he respects women, and it's pretty disgusting that he doesn't even see the harm in anything he does or says!!!!”

Jesse competed on Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette, with the winemaker lasting all the way to Episode 7. Sounds like Jesse’s performance on BiP reinforced Jilly’s decision to send him packing.

Since the episode aired, Jesse has come out and apologized to Christy for his behavior on the show, saying he feels like an a—hole. Women everywhere probably have stronger names to call him — as demonstrated many times by the ladies on BiP — but at least the remorse seems to be there?

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Source: Jillian’s blog