Jillian Harris Dishes on Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys She’d Send Packing
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Jillian Harris Dishes on Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys She’d Send Packing

The Bachelorette Season 5’s Jillian Harris has looked for love and come up short twice now on The Bachelor franchise, which kind of makes her an expert on all things men (at least in our eyes). The cool big sis we never had knows which men are worth hanging onto and which are worth tossing aside like a Nickelback album, which makes her a wealth of info for current Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. So out of Andi’s hot troupe of remaining guys, who does Jillian think Andi should ditch stat?

Jilly took to her blog to express her distaste for two of Andi’s men in particular. First on Jillian’s “no thank you” list was Brett Melnick, aka, lamp guy. “Bringing a stolen floor lamp to gift to a woman you want to impress is NOT a good idea!” she wrote. We thought it was pretty obvs the guy was going for funny, but the Canadian wasn’t laughing. Andi seemed to agree with Jillian’s assessment that the hair stylist’s humor fell flat, because she wrote in her blogI kept waiting for the punch line but there wasn't one — ha ha!” Ladies, it was funny. Trust.

The other guy Jillian deems a non-match for Andi is Cody Sattler, the limo pusher. The TV host writes, “I’m getting bad vibes from that one! He seems to be the black sheep out of the group...but maybe it’s just his v-neck-suit-combo :)” Sorry Jilly, but the V-neck seems to be a Sattler staple. Andi seemed a little more blinded by the fitness trainer’s muscles than Jillian, however, because she writes, “Cody pushing the limo was hilarious.”

Looks like one woman’s LOL is another woman’s WTF?

Do you think Jillian’s right, or should Andi keep Cody and Brett around? Who would you send packing? Tell us in the comments.

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