Why Doesn’t Jillian Harris Like Chris Siegfried?
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Why Doesn’t Jillian Harris Like Chris Siegfried?

The Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried got all kinds of cozy during their one-on-one date in Munich (even though Chris was totally cock-blocked by Bryden Vukasin), and we're thinking this dude has a shot at winning Des' final rose. Not only were these two completely at ease with each other, they were playful and romantic — plus, let's not forget about the epic love poem / explosion of feelings that Chris recited to Des.

We're of the opinion that this lyrical declaration of love was the cutest thing ever, but Bachelorette Jillian Harris thought it was a total turn-off. In fact, it made her feel all kinds of iffy about Chris.

"I mean I am a fan of Chris but the Poems are just too much for me," Jilly tweeted while watching The Bachelorette on June 24. "#drawtheline #awkward #whatgradearewein #cantdoit #movingon."

Sure, Chris' impromptu poetry slam was slightly uncomfortable, but did you see Desiree's face? She was so moved by Chris' declaration of "like" that she started licking him all over his mouth. This girl writes poetry of her own, so listening to Chris bust-a-rhyme was probably an erotic fantasy come true. If the cameramen hadn't been there, a love child may have been consummated on that fateful night.

Do you agree with Jillian when it comes to Chris' weird fetish for poetry, or did you think his poem was nothing short of adorbs? Weigh in below!

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