Jillian Harris on Ed Swiderski: “You Can’t Force Somebody to Be in Love With You”
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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris on Ed Swiderski: “You Can’t Force Somebody to Be in Love With You”

It’s been four short years since Jillian Harris was the title Bachelorette on the hit ABC show, and since her time in the public eye, she has had a lot going on — from a three-year stint on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to starring on HGTV’s Love It Or List It. But does she have any regrets? And does she still keep in touch with Ed Swiderski?

Luckily for us, Jillian spoke to Radar Online about these things. When it comes to Ed, Jillian said it felt like he was being selfish in their relationship, but that looking back, he was just doing what he wanted and being himself.

“And honestly, I believe that is what you should do in a relationship because if you try to hold yourself back, then you’re just going to end up hurting the person more,” Jillian said. “So now in hindsight, I’m so happy Ed did what he wanted to do. You can’t force somebody to be in love with you.”

While Jillian admits to not staying in touch with Ed because current boyfriend Justin doesn’t see “the point,” She said there are no hard feelings. “I want the best for him,” she said.

So don’t worry about Jillian — things are looking up! She’s in a serious relationship and said she feels “very lucky.” And when it comes to regrets, Jillian doesn’t have any.

The Bachelorette was like going to camp and it taught my heart different things and it allowed me to be successful in all these different areas of my life,” Jillian said. “So I’m very grateful for it.”

Source: Radar Online