Jillian Harris and Emily Maynard Are Team Josh Murray: Andi “Obviously Loves Him”
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Jillian Harris and Emily Maynard Are Team Josh Murray: Andi “Obviously Loves Him”

Now that Andi Dorfman is down to her final two suitors, it’s our favorite time of the season — the time when we all decide as viewers that we know who the Bachelorette should pick, only to be devastated if (and when) she doesn’t choose our fave contestant to share forever with — cough, Chris Soules, cough.

It’s time to pick teams — #TeamJosh or #TeamNick — and scorn others who choose incorrectly, aka not the person we want. So which team are former Bachelorettes Jillian Harris and Emily Maynard backing? They both seem to be Team Josh Murray.

Though she doesn’t come flat out and throw her endorsement behind Josh, Emily does write in her Parade blog that Nick Viall didn’t exactly make the best impression on her during Fantasy Suite dates. “I’ve tried to root for the underdog and stick up for Nick when I can, but this week he’s made that pretty hard. In my opinion, men shouldn’t write poems, songs, and especially stories for a girl. Ever. It’s incredibly awkward just to watch so I can only imagine having to sit through the whole thing.”

Amen, sistah friend. A guy serenaded us once in junior high and we just wanted to throw rocks at him and get back to staring googly-eyed at Dawson (leeringly, of course). BTW, she also went on to call the fairytale book Nick made for Andi a “coloring book,” just in case you were wondering about her assessment of his drawing skills.

Em’s tone is friendlier when it comes to J.Murrs. “She [Andi] seems to be comfortable around him and able to relax a little more...and as a girl, the only time I’ve ever questioned a guy’s feelings is when I truly care and am scared of getting hurt myself, which I think explains why Andi presses Josh more than the others. Even her body language was different with him!” If by body language you mean the way she can’t keep her mouth off of his mouth, you are correct.

Jillian endorses McHandsome as well, writing in her blog that “Josh was so great with the kids and you could tell as soon as he let Andi know that he loved her, her face lit up and it was obvious that she felt exactly the same way. Andi and Josh do seem like a great match.”

Jilly was a little more open about her dislike of Nick as a match for Andi than Emily was (which is why we kinda love our gal Jills), writing “there is STILL something about him that I just don't like!!!!! I think it's the fact that he's not funny at all!!!! The only time he can make Andi laugh is if he can't put a sentence together....NOT GOOD!”

Well said. Most women want a man they can laugh with, not at. Let’s just hope she didn’t laugh at him in the Fantasy Suite…

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Source: Emily's Parade blog, Jillian’s blog