Jillian Harris Finally Faces Her Fear of Doing What?
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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris Finally Faces Her Fear of Doing What?

You would think after surviving the harsh savannah of judgement that is reality television, you’d be pretty fearless, but it turns out even Bachelorettes get scared.

Been avoiding this for 2 years!!! #ouieeeee,” Season 5’s Jillian Harris posted today alongside an Instagram pic. What’s Jilly been avoiding? Confronting ex-fiancé Ed Swiderski? Trying out Chris Harrison’s dating app? Not matching her shoes to her tote bag?

Actually, the Bachelorette’s been sidestepping the dentist.

Jillian Harris Finally Faces Her Fear of Doing What?
Credit: Jillian Harris on Instagram    

Turns out the Canadian cutie didn’t want to get her teeth checked. It’s an understandable fear (The drills! The needles! Not getting toys anymore!), but a pearly white smile is pretty much a must-have for a TV star like Jillian.

After her engagement to Ed ended in July 2010, Jillian headed north to her home country and returned to life in front of the camera shortly after. The interior designer currently hosts Vancouver’s Love It or List It while running her own business, so she hasn’t exactly had time for a dental appointment!

Jills has also got a new man in her life: professional snowboarder/full-time hottie Justin Pasutto, whom she’s been dating for about a year.

Justin (who’s got a great set of teeth) is enough reason to make any girl smile all the time. Our advice: keep those chompers pristine, Jillian! There’ll be no room for cavities when you finally stop teasing us and put a ring on Mr. Snow Bunny.

Source: Jillian Harris on Instagram