Jillian Harris: How I Know Boyfriend Justin Pasutto Is “The One”
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Jillian Harris: How I Know Boyfriend Justin Pasutto Is “The One”

The Bachelorette Season 5's Jillian Harris is crazy in love with her boyfriend, professional snowboarder / even more professional hunk, Justin Pasutto. This adorable couple met at a local Kelowna bar back in summer 2012, and they've been joined at the hips (and lips!) ever since. To us it’s clear that Jilly and Justin are meant to be — but how does she know he's “the one?”

First up? His imperfections are what makes him perfect. "I think that Justin is one of the most perfect people on earth," Jillian tells PopSugar. "But we don't always get along. There are some times, like what did he say the other day...'my heart will always love you but my brain just wants to strangle you right now.' We were just laughing so hard."

Jillian Harris: How I Know Boyfriend Justin Pasutto Is “The One”
Credit: Instagram    

Sigh, even their arguments are cute! Jillian also explains that she and Justin don't "force" their relationship — unlike the days of yore when she was dating Bachelorette winner Ed Swiderski. "He [Ed] didn't have the same values as I did, he wasn't patient, he wasn't sweet, there was nothing about him that was great for me, but because everyone was rooting for him and I was in love with him at the time I tried to force that to make that work," she admits.

Unlike Ed (we heart you, buddy!), Justin is sweet and patient with Jillian, and loves her family almost as much as she does. Not only has he been super supportive of Jillian's sick grandma, he has coffee with Jillian's dad almost every morning! But the main reason Jillian's so sure that she belongs with Justin? He knows her even better than she knows herself!

This gal recently fell down the stairs, and Justin suggested she distract herself from the pain by wiggling her toes. "I'm like, wiggle my toes? And he's like, 'yeah, when you are nervous or uncomfortable you wiggle your toes, you rub your feet together.' And I was like, 'oh yeah, this feels good.' I loved that he knew something about me that I didn't even know."

And hark, a foot fetish was born! But in all seriousness, Justin and Jillian's relationship seems like it's better than ever. These two are clearly in love, and we can't wait for them to (hopefully) take the next step and walk down the aisle!

Source: PopSugar

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