Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto Celebrate Their Engagement!?
Credit: Jillian Harris's Instagram    

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Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto Celebrate Their Engagement!?

Of all the Bachelorettes who have come into our lives, Jillian Harris is the one we’d probably most want to take relationship advice from. Why? Well, when you go from Ed “Hot Tub Socks” Swiderski to pro snowboarder/boat detailer/hottie Justin Pasutto, who is cute, family-oriented, fun, and able to run around to Hawaii approximately every week, you win. At life. So, when Jilly posted a pic of herself and JP2 “celebrating their engagement,” we couldn’t help but get giddy.

The Canadian Season 5 Bachelorette and her man posed with peonies, her lips on his scruffy cheek, and little thrills went through us. Can you imagine how gorgeous this wedding is going to be?! Jillian is a professional pretty-maker (interior designer, but whatever), so you know it’s going to be the shit, visually.

But, alas, they’re just effing with us, it seems. “Heard we got engaged on the radio today...” Jilly posted along with the darling pic. “We got so excited we ran downtown to celebrate haha! #rumorpatrol #surewhynot #mediatrumpsthetruth @slipperygoose.” Um, hold up. Why would you do this to us?

Seriously, every time homegirl gets on a plane to a tropical paradise, we’re on the lookout for her to come back one fab accessory richer. Chances are it’ll be, like the rest of her baubles, the prettiest we’ve ever seen.

Source: Instagram