Jillian Harris On Marquel Martin: “I Would Have Given Him One More Chance”
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Jillian Harris On Marquel Martin: “I Would Have Given Him One More Chance”

We get it, Andi Dorfman, you’re surrounded by more hot men than you can shake a mime at, and while we know you can’t keep them all, you broke our little hearts in half when you bid adieu to Marquel Martin in Marseilles. And we’ve got a pretty big Bachelor Nation name sharing our sads — Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris would’ve been on board with more Marquel time too, she writes in her blog. Jilly says she agrees with Andi’s decision to send Patrick Jagodzinski and Andrew Poole packing, but that Marquel’s elimination drove her to a deep, dark place of despair and drinking (she didn’t, really, that’s just us projecting). This is what she did say: “I’m very sad to see him go :(“ Just look at that upside down frowny face — have you ever seen anything so sad? Girl is hurting, Andi. Hurting.

Jills goes on to say that if Marquel were on her season, she wouldn’t have kicked him to the curb before getting more of his goodies. ”I honestly feel like Marquel had a lot more to show, a lot more to give, and I would have given him one more chance to see what he’s all about.”

We agree. M&M had way more floral-on-plaid-prints to show us and so many more memorable cookie moments to give. But we’re hopeful that we haven’t seen the last of the Cookie Monster. In fact, he’ll be gracing our screens again come August, when ABC airs their new spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise. And, Sean Lowe is already captaining the #MarquelForBachelor campaign, so maybe we’ll get to see M-squared on the other side of a Rose Ceremony. #YesWe’llAcceptYourRoseMarquel.

Do you agree with Jillian that Andi should have kept Marquel around another week? Comment below.

Source: Jillian’s blog