Jillian Harris and Mesnicks Agree: Andrew Poole Made Racist Comments
Credit: Jillian Harris on Instagram; ABC video still; Molly Mesnick on Twitter    

The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris and Mesnicks Agree: Andrew Poole Made Racist Comments

On the July 21 “Men Tell All” special, aka our favorite night of the whole Bachelorette season, Chris Harrison didn’t waste any time ripping the Band Aid off an old wound. One of the first topics of convo — after that unfortunate Ashley Hebert ultrasound — was that of the racist comment JJ O’Brien says he heard from Andrew Poole during the first rose ceremony of the season. Though Andrew maintained his innocence, JJ insisted he heard what he heard.

Unfortunately, without any audio from the moment, viewers are left to draw their own conclusions. While Marquel Martin said he couldn’t make a judgment call on something he heard second-hand, others in Bachelor Nation aren’t being quite so forgiving. Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris and Bachelor alums Jason and Molly Mesnick have made up their minds that Andrew probably did make the uncouth comment.

On their podcast, Molly said “It is so obvious and clear to me that he said that. Why would JJ make that up? You wouldn’t make that up and you wouldn’t accuse someone of saying something like that if it wasn’t true.” Jason tries to give Andrew the benefit of the doubt at first, saying “it’s possible JJ heard him wrong.” But in the end, Jason sides with his wife. “Yeah, he probably said it.”

Like a lot of people, the Mesnicks question why ABC doesn’t seem to have audio of the moment, with Molly saying “maybe they don’t want to show it, because that actually would be really bad for Andrew. He would probably get fired from his job.”

Jillian Harris agrees that Andrew is probably not fessing up, writing in her blog “I do believe that Andrew said something ignorant, but that’s just me!” She also questioned Andrew’s cover up — in which he said he wasn’t making racist comments when he leaned into JJ but was complaining about how long taping was taking — writing, “I mean nobody would say that in the process of a rose ceremony, and it was the beginning of the journey, so your patience with the show should still be pretty high!”

Whether Andrew made the comments or not, Molly points out it’s a blight that’s going to follow him around for some time to come. “People are going to assume he said it,” she says, “and that sucks for him if he didn’t.”

Do you agree with Jillian and the Mesnicks or do you think Andrew’s innocent?

Source: Jason and Molly podcast, Jillian Harris blog