Jillian Harris: Nick Viall “Didn’t Seem Very Funny or Interesting”
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Jillian Harris: Nick Viall “Didn’t Seem Very Funny or Interesting”

If Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris had a time machine, we wonder if she’d go back to her premiere and just give her First Impression Rose to the craft services guy. Her season didn’t end well (OK, it ended well but the relationship that sprung from it did not) and we’re sure she learned a lot of love lessons from the experience. So maybe Andi Dorfman should learn from Jilly’s past and be all ears when the guru speaks and tells the reigning Bachelorette she’s already blowing it. The Canadian does NOT agree with Andi’s choice, Nick Viall, as the recipient of the all important first flower. Why?

In her blog, the TV host wrote of Nick, “maybe it was the polka dot tie that gave her a lasting impression, but I didn’t really feel that he stood out!” We’re sensing a little shade from the successful designer toward that tie. She went on to proclaim that Mr. Polka Dots “didn’t seem very funny or interesting to me...and you know I need my humour!!!”

Jillian’s not the only one who doesn’t quite get Andi’s attraction for the salesman from Chicago. Chris Harrison has also come out as not being #TeamNick. During the episode Nick seemed baffled himself as to why he got the coveted rose, saying that he didn’t know what he’d done to get Andi’s attention but he’d try to keep it up. Atta boy, that’s the spirit!

Whether Nick’s trick is sprinkling magic pixie dust in Andi’s eyes to mesmerize her or it really is the tie, it worked. Hopefully he’ll keep working it, but add a pinch of funny/interesting to keep Jillian watching.

Do you agree with Jillian’s assessment of Nick, or did you kinda dig the hottie as much as Andi?

Source: Jillian Harris’s blog