Jillian Harris Talks Rings: Vintage Trumps Trendy — Why? Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris Talks Rings: Vintage Trumps Trendy — Why? Exclusive

When Jillian Harris was on The Bachelorette, she started out with a gaggle of fresh meat — and ended up being handed a ring. And while she had to give it back when her engagement ended, that doesn’t mean her love of baubles went by the wayside. In fact, these days the Canadian cutie is all about decorating more than just her fingers. For the last year, she’s been in a relationship with hottie Justin Pasutto, and we’re eagerly awaiting a proposal (What’s the hold up, guys?!)

While Jilly has yet to say “I do,” she does have a big announcement to share — and it involves jewels! Starting on July 8, Jilly and her team (cousin Tori and friend Alyssa round out the power trio) will be peddling the prettiest things on their brand new site, Charlie Ford Vintage.

But before Monday’s launch, Wetpaint got the deets on what made Jillian fixate on the shiny objects. The CFV site will be divided into various sections, and one we know will be our favorites is the Jewellery & Accessories category. We got the chance to ask our petite lady with the big ideas about why her rings reign supreme.

Jillian Harris Talks Rings: Vintage Trumps Trendy — Why? Exclusive
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Wetpaint Entertainment: Why vintage jewelry, rather than newer items? It seems like it’s hard to match trends when you’re wearing things from other decades.
Jillian Harris: You know what they say — they just don't make things the way they used to these days. And even if you find something sparkly and pretty from a new designer, gorgeous vintage jewellery often outshines the common costume-variety baubles that are everywhere.

What is it about jewelry that Charlie Ford wanted to showcase with its curation?
With Charlie Ford, we're not only offering amazing wares with a history, but we're finding a new home for pre-loved pieces that display the amazing craftsmanship and quality of years gone by. I really believe that jewellery is one of those things that showcases your personal style and personality more than anything else. We all put our clothing accessories together in our own personal way, and with that, we get a little hint of everyone's story.

Jillian Harris Talks Rings: Vintage Trumps Trendy — Why? Exclusive
Credit: Charlie Ford Vintage    

What would you say to people who just wants to buy some funky, cheap statement necklaces or ten dollar bangles?
There's absolutely nothing wrong with inexpensive trends or cute knock-offs — I have drawers full of them! But the truth is, there's nothing special about those pieces.

The appeal of those items might also be that they’re easy to wear, to throw on and complete an ensemble. What does vintage do differently?
Well, imagine incorporating a piece or two from decades ago — let’s say it was owned by your grandmother, or an aunt, or someone you didn't even know — you fasten it on and voila! You have an incredible story, a discussion piece, and something that really sets you apart from everyone else. You have something that makes YOU totally YOU — completely one-of-a-kind. That’s the main reason we searched out so many amazing pieces for Charlie Ford.

Getting married? Want to buy a bride the perfect wedding gift? Jillian will be detailing all of Charlie Ford Vintage’s best kept wedding secrets on launch day — July 8 — exclusively for Wetpaint readers.

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