Jim Bellino Threatened to Sue Tamra Barney Over Autograph Scam Rumors?
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Jim Bellino Threatened to Sue Tamra Barney Over Autograph Scam Rumors?

What was the real reason why Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino and her husband, Jim, were threatening to sue Tamra Barney?

Some speculated the the Bellinos were threatening to sue Tamra over her "Jesus Jugs" comments about Alexis at last year's reunion, but RumorFix says the actual reason stems from Jim's alleged involvement in an autograph scam.

Jim previously had an autograph-selling company that has since closed. However, he was called out in the book, Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History, for authenticating fake signatures in an autograph-forgery ring that bilked fans out of $100 million.

"Jim was afraid that Tamra would talk about it on the show, potentially exposing him," a source says.

These allegations date back to 1999, and Jim was never actually charged with anything.

For his part, Jim has said he “was neither tried nor convicted of any crime because I never would knowingly buy or sell an illegitimate or forged autograph.”

So do you think this is the real reason for the lawsuit rumors? We can certainly understand why Jim wants to put the autograph controversy behind him, especially since he wasn't charged with anything.

We're still hoping Alexis and Tamra can try to patch things up this season, but given all they've been through, that might turn out to be a pipe dream.

Source: RumorFix