Jim Carrey\'s Late Girlfriend Had His Pills Before Suicide — Report
Jim Carrey’s on-off girlfriend reportedly commits suicide in LA *FILE PHOTOS*
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Jim Carrey’s Late Girlfriend Had His Pills Before Suicide — Report


Police are looking further into the death of Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, and each new revelation is more shocking than the last.


Now authorities have reportedly realized the three pill bottles found next to the young woman's bed all belonged to a fictional person. If that’s not weird enough, the imaginary man is an alias for her funnyman flame.


NEWS: Pills Found Next to Cathriona White, Jim Carrey Mentioned in Alleged Suicide Note

While it’s not strange for celebrities to order prescriptions under pseudonyms to protect their anonymity, it is disturbing when someone passes away after taking their drugs.

The three pills Cathriona, 28,  had were Ambien (a sleep aid), Percocet (a painkiller), and Propranolol (a high blood pressure and heart treatment). All of them were prescribed by the same doc, TMZ says.


NEWS: Mother of Jim Carrey’s Late Girlfriend, Cathriona White, Breaks Silence


One insider told the site they believe the late woman stole the pills from Jim, but the theory is unconfirmed. Now cops want to speak with the Yes Man star, especially since her suicide note was reportedly addressed to him, and the Ireland native was “distraught” he had broken up with her days earlier.


Authorities are also unsure what drugs killed Caithriona and are waiting for a toxicology report to clear  up the mystery.  


We hope someone gets to the bottom of this soon.