Jimmy Kimmel Picks Josh Murray as Andi Dorfman’s Winner — Is He Right?
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Jimmy Kimmel Picks Josh Murray as Andi Dorfman’s Winner — Is He Right?

It’s a right of passage for the lead of The Bachelor or Bachelorette to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the season premiere airs to get grilled by the funny man, and Andi Dorfman followed in the footsteps of her predecessors last night. Jimmy gets a kick out of predicting who the lead chooses as his/her final four and ultimate winner, and the comic is usually scarily accurate. So when the Atlantan headed over to his studio after last night’s premiere, you bet we tuned in to hear his predictions.

In the interview, Jimmy guesses (er, actually he admits the guesses are his wife’s) that Andi’s final four will include Nick Viall, who got the first impression rose, Chris Soules the farmer from Iowa, Marcus Grodd the first guy out of the limo who Andi called “hot,” and Josh Murray, a fellow Atlanta boy who Andi said is totally her type. The final man standing according to Jimmy is… Josh M. “You are going to be Andi M,” he quipped. “You’ll get rid of the, no offense to your dad, but Dorfman is a bad last name.”

Andi agreed to Jimmy’s assessment of her last name, but wouldn’t budge on any other info. She maintained her poker face like a champ, saying only “we’ll see.” But poker face or not, the 27-year-old seemed uncomfortable in the hot seat, fidgeting, grabbing at her collar, and bouncing her leg with nervous energy. Jimmy said he knew he wouldn’t get anything out of her seeing as she’s an assistant district attorney and all, but did he? People don’t usually go all twitchy twitch unless they have something to hide. Were his predictions on the nose?

If you wanna know if Jimmy’s predictions were right, check out our previous report on the final four and who Andi Dorfman picks here. And as for whether Andi is now rocking a sparkler on her engagement finger — which Jimmy kept insisting she will be once the show’s done airing — check out whether she’s engaged.

Want to see the interview? Watch below.

What do you think? Did Andi’s nervous ticks give her away, or are Jimmy’s predictions just pure speculation?

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live