Jimmy Kimmel Picks Juan Pablo Galavis’s Winner — Does the Bachelor Give It Away?
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The Bachelor

Jimmy Kimmel Picks Juan Pablo Galavis’s Winner — Does the Bachelor Give It Away?

[Warning, spoilery speculation ahead]

It’s a Bachelor and Bachelorette tradition: Every season, the lead goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the talk show host guesses the winner. The weird part? He’s nearly always right. So, when Juan Pablo Galavis went on Kimmel on Monday night, after the Bachelor 2014 premiere, we were all ears.

In the interview, Jimmy guesses that Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, and Renee Oteri are the final three, and that JPG picks Nikki in the end. One point of evidence, Jimmy claims, is that Juan Pablo tweeted on Saturday, January 4, “So CRAZY what just HAPPENED to the @KCChiefs…” Why is this significant, you might wonder? Because Nikki lives in Kansas City. Hmm, curious…

In his defense, Juan Pablo said “Oh, I can’t tweet about Kansas City anymore? Can I tweet about Atlanta? Can I tweet about Tampa?” Those cities are the hometowns of Andi and Renee respectively, but it’s funny that he’d have those on the tip of his tongue. Unless he went to those places for the Hometown Dates, that is. With 27 girls, a ton of different home bases, and months since filming wrapped, it seems strange he’d just be busting those out. The man admitted on the premiere that he’s bad at names, but suddenly he’s a geographer? OK.

What makes it even more interesting, is that the next city he mentioned as being off-limits (for tweets) is Sacramento. And who lives there? Clare Crawley. While Jimmy didn’t pick up on this, we did, and it made us pretty curious about not just the final three, but the Final Four.

Last season, Jimmy predicted that Desiree Hartsock would pick Brooks Forester, which was the popular opinion until he up and left in the penultimate episode of The Bachelorette Season 9. Reality Steve was the first person to say that Des and Brooks would end up together, and the spoiler king claims that Jimmy just reads the spoilers and then pretends he came up with the info on his own. Is that possible? Sure, but the segment is always entertaining.

What do you think the truth is? Does Juan Pablo pick Nikki? Did he give away Clare as being in his Final Three or Four? Is this all just a silly bit of entertainment that doesn’t color your viewing habits the least bit? We want to know!

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