Jo Rivera Speaks Out on School Shootings: “Stop the Violence”
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Jo Rivera Speaks Out on School Shootings: “Stop the Violence”

The rise in school shootings across the United States is unspeakably tragic, and at this point hearing about a shooting in the news has become commonplace. School should always be a safe spot for children, and parents like Teen Mom 2's Jo Rivera are dismayed to say the least.

Like the rest of us, Jo was deeply saddened to hear the recent news story about a school shooting in Oregon, where one student was killed after a classmate opened fire in the locker room.

Jo took to Twitter to share the story tweeting, "Starting to seem like these public shooting are happening every week now #stoptheviolence." He also followed up his tweet with "How do you protect your kids when it's themselves you have to protect them from?"

Jo makes a good point: parents should feel confident that their children are completely safe and sound while at school — not be worried that they could experience violence at the hands of their fellow students!

We totally understand why Jo's stressed about his own son, Isaac (who he shares custody of with Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry), though we're confident that this little dude will be just fine.

Are you impressed with Jo for doing his part to raise awareness about school shootings? Let's hope the rest of Teen Mom Nation hops on board!

Source: CNN