Jo Rivera Tells Fans That He Feels “Misunderstood”
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Jo Rivera Tells Fans That He Feels “Misunderstood”

You guys, Jo Rivera is so misunderstood. First of all, his name isn't Jo Rivera, it's Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body (aka N.I.C.K.b), and don't you forget it. Second of all, he's so much more than Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy!

You see, Jo's claim to fame is starring on MTV's Teen Mom 2, where he often comes across as petty, childish, and downright mean. But there's more to Jo than meets the eye, and fans recently go to know him on a deeper level during MTV's Being Teen Dad special.

Jo spent most of the show looking hunky, being an awesome father, and chilling with his girlfriend, Vee, but we were dismayed to see that these lovebirds got into a fight about their relationship! Basically, Jo came off as the bad guy, but boyfriend claims he's "absolutely" misunderstood by viewers, critics, fans, magazines, and Twitter followers alike.

“You guys don’t know me, so I don’t blame you for misunderstanding the way I act and the way I am towards certain situations,” Jo told MTV during an exclusive interview. "I spoke about being mean and being mean when I have to be. And that's part of who I am, is being mean when I have to be. People don't see that I'm a very humble person."

Jo also said that it takes a lot to get him angry, and his bouts of rage don't ultimately define him. "That's not me, that's not something that I just jump to or I just do," he said. "That I'm just this mean guy walking around all the time. That's not how I am. That's not how I am at all."

Sob, we believe you Jo! Let's internet hug it out with this lovable dude, shall we? Take to the comments and let us know what you think of Jo's explanation for his erratic behavior.

Do you forgive him for being mean to Kailyn during past seasons of Teen Mom 2, or does he have some more explaining to do?

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