Is Jo Rivera Upset That Isaac Calls Javi Marroquin “Daddy”?
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Is Jo Rivera Upset That Isaac Calls Javi Marroquin “Daddy”?

Kailyn Lowry and her baby daddy, Jo Rivera (aka Nerd in a Cool Kid's Body), are getting along better than ever now that they're both happily in love with other people. Yet, their relationship hasn't always been so peachy. Kailyn and Jo didn't get along during Teen Mom 2's recent fifth season, and Jo had to adjust to his son, Isaac, from viewing Kailyn's husband, Javi Marroquin, as a father-figure.

It's no secret that Isaac and Javi are extremely close — in fact we've heard Isaac call Javi "daddy" in the past. But does it hurt Jo's feelings when Isaac makes this innocent mistake? Not at all! These days, Jo is surprisingly mature about his son's relationship with Javi, and took to Twitter to put fans at ease.

Is Jo Rivera Upset That Isaac Calls Javi Marroquin “Daddy”?
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"He slips up sometimes. Calls my mom Vee, calls Vee mom, calls me Javi. But he knows who is who and corrects it," Jo tweeted. He added, "He knows I'm dad but has called me Javi by accident. He doesn't do it intentionally."

Sounds like Jo has the right attitude! It's great that this rapping sensation has come to realize that Javi is also an important part of Isaac's life. Plus, the Javster clearly loves Isaac like his own child — he even inked a new tattoo on his arm with his son Lincoln and Isaac's names in cursive! What a guy.

Oh, and if you're wondering how Kailyn feels about her kiddo mixing up his father-figures, she addressed the issue on Twitter back in 2013 saying, "Isaac knows who his dad is. Javi's a GREAT step dad & father figure when Jo's not around."

Are you impressed by how well Kailyn, Jo, and Javi are handling their blended family? Sound off below!