Joanna Krupa: Adriana De Moura Is an “Evil Wicked Witch”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joanna Krupa: Adriana De Moura Is an “Evil Wicked Witch”

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa thinks Adriana De Moura was acting like an "evil wicked witch" this week. Does that mean Joanna wants to drop a house on her, Wizard of Oz-style? Let's hope not.

Joanna writes in her Bravo blog that she regrets attending the Venue party. "It seems every time I feel that Adriana might have a kind heart somewhere deep inside, and maybe I should forgive her and give her a chance at friendship, Adriana starts acting like an evil wicked witch again," Joanna writes. "I’m not sure if this is a behavior of someone that’s bipolar or a psychopath."

Joanna says that Frederic Marq still owes an apology to Romain and herself. "Frederic never apologized to me or to Romain on Twitter," she says. "He only saw Romain out at the carwash, and the last thing Romain wanted to do is have a conversation with Frederic after everything that went down last year. Romain was expecting a public apology since he trashed Romain on Twitter."

Joanna also continues to be bothered by what Adriana is claiming about her marriage. "How can Adriana B.S. Lisa so much about this marriage?" she wonders. "I hope Lisa is just being nice and not falling for this nonsense!"

"[Lisa] cannot be buying Adriana’s story that Frederic went alone to apply for a license," Joanna adds. "Why can't this woman just admit to being married and be done with it? Let’s move on and stop with these lame excuses."

Somehow, we doubt the ladies will be moving on from this topic anytime soon.

Source: Joanna's blog