Joanna Krupa: Adriana Looks “Like a Fool,” Lisa Was “Disrespectful”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joanna Krupa: Adriana Looks “Like a Fool,” Lisa Was “Disrespectful”

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa continues to be confused by Adriana De Moura's marriage license drama and she (not surprisingly) has some not-so-great things to say about Adriana.

"I think anyone can tell the difference between a good acting job and bad acting, and there is definitely some bad acting going on here!" Joanna writes in her Bravo blog about Adriana. "I am just not understanding the whole Adriana argument, and I am trying to see and be open-minded about the 50 different reasons why she didn't tell anyone she was really married."

"I am really trying to accept her and like her, but the more I listen to her, the more it makes me want to stand my ground and side with Lea [Black]," Joanna says. "Sometimes it’s worth putting the ego aside and accepting your faults in order to move on instead of believing your web of lies and being stuck there and ending up looking like a fool." Ouch.

Joanna says she didn't appreciate seeing Adriana and Marysol in Baoli. "It was very disrespectful and rude that Lisa [Hochstein] had the nerve to invite the other girls to Baoli when she sold it to us as just the 3 of us girls out for a fun night," she writes. "Not sure what planet Lisa lives on, but it can't be Earth, because no sane person would do such a selfish thing knowing all the tension that is going on in the group with Lea."

And it seems like Joanna appreciates Romain's reaction to her sex convo. "I thought he would blow up and leave the tennis match, so I guess I made the right move bringing it up in the middle of a Sharapova tennis match, since I know he has the hots for her and that’s probably why he was on his best behavior during our talk," Joanna says.

Tennis, anyone?

Source: Joanna's blog

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