Joanna Krupa on Babies With Romain Zago: “I’d Really Love to Have Twins!”
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Joanna Krupa on Babies With Romain Zago: “I’d Really Love to Have Twins!”

Most people know what’s in store after falling in love and getting married (hint: it has four wheels and carries infants). But Joanna Krupa isn’t scrambling for kids just yet!

The Real Housewives of Miami star married longtime boyfriend Romain Zago in a beautiful ceremony on June 13 in Carlsbad, California. Joanna told Bravo’s The Dish she’s hoping to prolong the honeymoon period as much as she can before little ones enter the picture.

"I want to enjoy our marriage for a little while even though I don't feel anything has changed," she admits. "I thought maybe when we got married, we'd bicker less, but oh no, nothing's changed! We're still the same crazy couple!"

But when she’s ready for children, Joanna Krupa is hoping for one of each, a boy and a girl — perhaps at the same time even.

“I'd really love to have twins,” Joanna said. “My dad's a twin and they say it skips a generation. I'd love that. Wham, bam and be done with it!"

Once she and Romain do decide to start a family, Joanna expects it will be an interesting test of their relationship.

"Romain always tells me, 'Oh my lord, when you're pregnant, I'm closing you in a little room for nine months and leaving you there because you'll probably be the biggest bitch on the planet!" Joanna joked.

Source: The Dish

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