Joanna Krupa Calls Adriana De Moura a Con Artist
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Joanna Krupa Calls Adriana De Moura a Con Artist

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa is a very opinionated housewife and she's not afraid to let her thoughts about her fellow castmates fly.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Joanna is asked to provide one-word descriptions about the other Miami ladies, and she didn't hold back.

Lea Black is a "classy businesswoman," Ana Quincoces is a "smart cookie without a filter," Lisa Hochstein is a "pot-stirrer," and Alexia Echevarria is "hmmm... f***. OH GOSH, I'M SORRY!!! Fashion." Marysol Patton is "boring," Mama Elsa is "interesting," and Adriana De Moura is a "con artist." Wow, Joanna, tell us how you really feel!

When asked if she viewed her wedding as a challenge to outdo Adriana, Joanna said, "For me, it was never a competition between her and I. I'm concentrating on my fairy tale and not worried about her. She was already married for five years but for me this is like a real first wedding."

You may remember some super intense drama between Adriana and Joanna last season, so will they come to a head this season as well? "There will be epic moments, but no physical violence. I think Adriana learned from last season."

And just to get you ready for this season, Joanna has a few words to describe this season.

"Make-ups, break-ups, and sex." Dang girl, we'll definitely be watching!

Source: Baltimore Sun