Joanna Krupa Responds to “Fake Bangs” Allegations
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joanna Krupa Responds to “Fake Bangs” Allegations

We loved seeing Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa in bangs at Lea Black's gala this year, but apparently not everyone is with us on that. And now Joanna is explaining her 'do.

Lisa Hochstein called Joanna out for wearing "fake bangs" during this week's episode, so now Joanna is explaining her choice. "Last year's gala is a night I would love to forget, and for that reason I opted this year to change up my look a bit and wear bangs," Joanna writes in her Bravo blog.

"In fashion shoots, photographers and editors have the obligation to create a different look from one job to the other, something I am so used to," Joanna continues. "There's a huge difference between being an established professional model and an amateur model… A successful model is like a chameleon that looks different for every shoot, so yes, I loved having bangs. I am blessed to belong to the fashion world." Take that, Lisa!

Needless to say, Joanna is relieved that this year's gala didn't have the drama of last year's. "The gala inspired me to revamp my look this year in order to forget the hurtful memories and accusations that still hunt me from last year," she writes. "And this time Romain was coming with me, and we were planning to have a fabulous time!"

Joanna also addresses anyone who has written negative comments online about her behavior. "If you never got drunk and fell on the floor, misbehaved, woke up being embarrassed, yelled, or kissed the wrong person, wore the wrong outfit, cursed too much, etc. you just don't know what you are missing," Joanna says. Hear, hear! Just give us a minute to get up off of this floor.

Source: Joanna's Bravo blog