Joanna Krupa on Romain Asking Her for a Prenup: “I Wanted to Kill Him”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joanna Krupa on Romain Asking Her for a Prenup: “I Wanted to Kill Him”

Asking for a prenup can be risky business. In fact, Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa was none to pleased when her new hubby Romain Zago first broached the topic. And it appears that the man is just lucky to still be breathing!

In a clip from the upcoming August 26 episode of the show, Joanna reveals that she nearly freaked out when Romain first asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

"I wanted to kill him," Joanna admits about her then-fiance. "Literally, I wanted to strangle him at that moment." Yikes!

So did the subject get resolved in a strangle-free manner? Well, it sounds that way, even though Joanna writes on her Bravo blog that she was taken aback when she realized Romain had been buttering her up to get her to sign.

"Well, well, well, Romain with his surprises!" she writes. "Now I know why the car, the house... it was to smooth talk me into signing a prenup!"

"Here I am, super excited to spend most of my time in Miami to plan the wedding, and he throws me this bombshell!" Joanna continues. "I understand why people sign prenups if one person is more successful than the other. But from the moment Romain and I got engaged, we said our love is much stronger than a prenup and there is no reason to sign one, since we are equally successful."

"Never in my life would I expect him to hit me with this unpleasant surprise," she adds. "Trust me, I won't give in without a fight." We would expect nothing less from Joanna!

Source: Bravo TV