Miami Housewife Joanna Krupa Dishes on Season 3 Casting Changes
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Miami Housewife Joanna Krupa Dishes on Season 3 Casting Changes

Season 3 of Real Housewives of Miami premieres tonight (Monday) and viewers will definitely notice some missing faces from the past seasons.

While Lea Black, Adriana De Moura, Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein, and Joanna Krupa will be returning to the show on a full-time basis, Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces will be recurring characters while Karent Sierra just isn't returning.

Ahead of the premiere, Joanna spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect this season.

"There is a lot of rivalry among close friends — makeups and breakups, a lot of drama, but a lot of changes between friendships," Joanna said. "Some people will make up from past situations. The great friendship between Lea and Adriana goes through quite a roller coaster this season, and Lisa and I have our own little issue. People who were close last season have obstacles to overcome this season. It's definitely a dramatic season."

As for the reduction in how many housewives are featured this season, Joanna says it's a good thing they got rid of some people.

"I think that was a great idea. There were too many women to begin with," she said. "It's hard for the audience to try to figure out every story line for every wife. There were too many people to fit into a one-hour series. I miss Karent, but she does make some appearances. I just think it was a good thing for the show just because there were too many women, too many things to worry about and too many story lines."

We can't wait to see the changes — and drama — this season!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter