Full House Star Jodie Sweetin’s Divorce Turns Ugly
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Full House Star Jodie Sweetin’s Divorce Turns Ugly

It looks like things are not so sweet for Jodie Sweetin these days.

The former Full House star, who recently announced her split from third husband Morty Coyle, is how finding out yet again just how difficult divorce can be.

When Jodie filed for separation from Morty last month after only a year of marriage, she requested full custody of the couple's daughter, Beatrix.

Morty is now requesting that the judge grant him joint custody of the 2-year-old and deny his wife spousal support, according to TMZ.

While it never sounds like fun to end a marriage, this is far from Jodie's first time at the contentious divorce rodeo.

In 2006, Jodie and her first husband, police officer Shaun Holguin, divorced after he discovered that she was using crystal meth.

Two years later, Jodie filed for legal separation from her second husband, Cody Herpin, who accused her of being an unfit mother to their daughter, Zoie. Their divorce was finalized in 2010.

If there's any silver lining to be had here, at least this divorce sounds slightly less awful than the two that came before it!

Good luck, Jodie!

Source: TMZ