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Jodie Sweetin’s Ex-Husband Wants More Money, Accuses Her of Dishonesty


Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband is not happy and wants the star to pay up!

Morty Coyle, who was married to the Fuller House star from 2012 to 2015, wants the actress to tell the truth about her earnings and pay him way more money than she did during their divorce.

Thanks to her current show, residuals from Full House, her new jewelry line, and her appearance on Season 22 of Dancing With the Stars, the blonde beauty is raking in a lot of money, according to TMZ.

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At least $600,000, to be exact, which is a far cry from what Miss Stephanie Tanner said she makes just a few months ago.

The pair finalized their divorce in September, back when the 34-year-old said she was only making $4,000 a month.

Hmm, we don’t know if those numbers exactly add up.

When the divorce was finalized, she was not ordered to pay her ex-husband child support, though he alleges he’s only making $2,000 a month.

Now Morty, who is the father to Jodie’s 6-year-old daughter Beatrix, wants the court to award him child support and have her pay his hefty attorney bill.

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But wait, it gets worse. 

He’s also asking her to pay $5,000 for a forensic accountant so he can keep tabs on her future earnings, just in case she isn’t honest.

Yikes, this sounds like it could get messy for Jodie. Luckily she has Season 3 of Fuller House to help pay her legal fees!