Joe Budden Slams NYPD For Calling “Man Hunt” on Him
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Joe Budden Slams NYPD For Calling “Man Hunt” on Him

Claims that Love & Hip Hop star Joe Budden attacked his ex-girlfriend are taking a turn for the worse, but the reality star isn’t letting it hold him back.

This past weekend, the NYPD news posted a bulletin featuring Joe’s picture, saying that the New Jersey rapper was a wanted man. Last week, TMZ reported Joe’s ex-girlfriend singled him out as her brutal attacker, when several sources claimed the rapper went into a jealous rage after seeing photos of his ex with another man. According to Newsday, the bulletin claimed that Joey also stole his ex’s cell-phone, and needed help in tracking him down. And that, dear friends, was when Joe took to Twitter to slam the police.

“I’m gonna sue the living s—t out u gentlemen. @NYPDnews,” Joe tweeted, adding “Manhunt…. Suck my d—k, lol.” Joey then decided to make the manhunt even easier for the cops by letting them know just exactly where he’d be: “I’ll be in a strip club in Astoria tonight. Let the “Man hunt” know. @NYPDnews.”

TMZ reached out to Joey’s attorney, who claimed that Joe was actually taking part in the investigation of the attack in order to clear his name. Looks like the NYPD didn’t get that memo, or it somehow got lost in translation.

“Glad to see our taxpayer dollars being put to good use! Lol” Joey tweeted.

We don’t know about you, but there seems to be tons of confusion going on, and we hope that Joey and the NYPD can get to the bottom of it, quickly.

Source: Joe Budden on Twitter, Newsday