Teresa and Joe Giudice Fraud Case: Melissa and Joe Gorga Will Never Raise Our Kids, Giudices Say
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Teresa Giudice

Teresa and Joe Giudice Fraud Case: Melissa and Joe Gorga Will Never Raise Our Kids, Giudices Say

As an extended part of The Real Housewive of New Jersey Season 5 finale, Teresa and Joe Giudice headed to the Bravo clubhouse to chat with Andy Cohen about the 39 counts of federal fraud charges against them. Because the case is ongoing Tre and Joe weren’t allowed to reveal much, but they held hands throughout the interview and presented a united front.

“I’m sad, I can’t believe this is happening to us. It feels like a dream,” Tre told Andy of the litany of charges against her and her hubby.

Joe kept his talk of the charges more direct, declaring that he and Tre are absolutely innocent “We pleaded not guilty for a reason, because we’re not guilty,” he said.

When asked who would watch their four daughters should they both go to jail, Teresa admitted that she’s “not focusing” on that important detail. Joe, on the other hand, was quick to call out those he wouldn’t allow to care for his kids. “It wouldn’t be Melissa and Joe [Gorga]” he angrily noted. “I don’t even think my kids would want to go with Melissa and Joe after all the things they say on television about their mom”

Joe also pointed out that the Gorga’s have “not really” been supportive since he and Tre were indicted a few months ago.

And what about those fears that Joe will be deported if he’s convicted because he’s not a U.S. citizen? “I have a greencard. I’m legal here,” he countered when Andy mentioned the possibility of deportation.

While it seemed like Teresa and Joe have taken no responsibility for their alleged fraud Joe even told Andy “We’ve never lived beyond our means. We work hard” — Tre was quick to declare, “I’m not in denial.”

The trial has been moved back to February 2014, and Teresa and Joe seem more than ready for their day in court. “Whenever they tell us to be there we’ll be there,” Teresa concluded.

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