Joe Giudice’s Father Dies — RHONJ Cast Tweets Their Support
Credit: Teresa Giudice on Twitter    

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Joe Giudice’s Father Dies — RHONJ Cast Tweets Their Support

By now you've probably heard the tragic news that Joe Giudice's father, Frank, passed away unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 63.

We can only imagine the shock and grief that Joe, his wife Teresa Giudice, their four children, and their extended family are all feeling right now.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is known for its fair share of drama — and the world now knows all about the legal woes Joe and Teresa have been facing for the past several months — but fans have reached out to the Giudices with compassionate condolence messages, and the cast members themselves have also stowed any feuds to offer words of support.

Here are some reaction tweets from the cast:

Your heart has to go out to poor Gia. She’s the eldest of Joe and Teresa’s four daughters. They all just lost their grandfather, and Gia knows by now that her mother and father could go to jail when they are sentenced on July 8. Joe, at least, is expected to serve some time, and now the family is in mourning on top of everything else. What a year for them.

After the news of Frank's death came out, late on June 18, the Giudices' rep told TMZ, "The ONLY focus of both Joe and Teresa is their family right now, especially the girls. No decisions about the court case or the show are being addressed today."

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